Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Most Fun on Television Right Now!

No, I won't make you beg...for long. "Mad Men" is my favorite show that still breathes, but the second season ended weeks ago. Does it qualify as "right now?" No.

"Heroes" is too serious, and quite frankly hasn't been up to par since the season one finale. The second season really faltered with the exception of the Kristen bell addition. The third season began poorly, but is making a comeback. However, the series is too inconsistent to be worthy of my spontaneous exuberance. "Pushing Daisies" is adorable, cute, and sweeter than a green apple Jolly Rancher. Sadly, not even Lee Pace's eyebrows could keep it afloat. "Gossip Girl" is naughty, and sometimes the characters are mean. "90210" is pure bubblegum, and I can't blow bubbles. I am purist. I chew.

Wait with baited breath no longer. My answer: "Privileged." You say, "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Here's a primer. Megan Smith (JoAnna Garcia, more on her later) graduated from Yale and attempted work in the publishing world. Things didn't work out and Megan moved back home to Florida to tutor two extremely upper class high school twins.

"Privileged" is witty and still fun. We're not talking Aaron Sorkin witty though, just kind of cheesy and cute witty. As always, the characters appear genuine and their actions are credible and fall in line with their personalities. Sage (Ashley Newbrough) and Rose (Lucy Hale) are the twins. Sage is overprotective of the younger Rose and feels Megan driving a wedge between the two. Generally, the show has a laid-back atmosphere - the problems aren't hugely critical, but ramifications could be serious. For example, Rose cheats on a test. As a tutor kept under close surveillance, Megan cannot afford this kind of mishap.

A regular, seemingly trivial dilemma such as cheating on a high school exam only works if we care about those involved. Why do I want Megan to succeed? Well, in short, she's likable. Obviously! Let's flank the question a tad by taking a back route.

In a recent commercial, The CW ran a blurb from TV Guide saying that, "Megan Smith is the new Rory Gilmore." Rory is, of course, the endlessly likable daughter component of the "Gilmore Girls." What does it mean to be the new Rory? A blend of smarts and high integrity. More cute than bombshell. Very adept with a Qwerty keypad cellphone. These are all qualities that would describe Rory Gilmore, the person. But is there something more?

Does Rory symbolize something bigger than herself? "Gilmore Girls" might be the network's best and highest-rated show. Both shows feature prominent culinary aficionados. Does TV Guide surmise something about the future of "Privileged?" Is this show CW's new the little show that could? While "Gossip Girl" and the newly rejuvenated "90210" grab headlines and magazine covers, "Privileged" is CW's best show. It's wholesome with a touch of sweet and snappy, like Honey Bunches of Oats. Scrumptious!